How To Use Color To Your Advantage

Gone are the days when the only color you could find in an office was the traditional black, beige, cream or white. These days, the rules on color in the office are less strict. Most offices now experiment with other colors for beauty, and it works for them, but that’s not all color is for.

Studies have shown that certain colors can boost productivity and creativity in workplaces. In fact, a science (chromology) is dedicated to studying the effects different colors have on the human mind:

“Colors are the smiles of nature.” 
– James Henry Leigh Hunt

Blue has been proven to stimulate the mind. It therefore encourages concentration and boosts productivity.

Green induces positive emotions. It doesn’t cause eye fatigue, so it is good in places where people work for long hours.

Red invokes emotion and passion. It grabs attention and increases heart rate and body metabolism. It is therefore associated with physical activity.

Yellow can stimulate creativity, positive emotions and optimism.

maze color1 maze color2

Color can also be used to differentiate your products from competitors’ and even induce positive feelings and attitudes towards certain products.

If you have good reason for choosing the traditional colors for your office, you may get contrasting colors for your ceiling and floor. Chairs, tables, rugs, table legs and dividers can also come in different colors and finishes. You can also use color to distinguish between different departments in your office.

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