More Than Just Dividers

It is common knowledge that table dividers are used to create privacy mostly in an open office plan, but that’s not where it ends! Desk screens provide a sense of privacy and personal space in the workplace, which can greatly boost productivity

There are a number of things your divider can do for you.

Promotes your brand
You can customize your dividers either metal or wooden to reflect your brand color. Color-coordinating your dividers supports a uniformed and consistent brand presence across the office, especially if it’s an open plan like so many spaces are today.

Partition your office
In an open plan office, color-coding your dividers can help differentiate one department from another. For instance, you could have red dividers for the sales department, blue dividers for the I.T department and so on.

Beautiful MDF or metal dividers on Eezy Office Sono Plus Workstation

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