That Time Of The Year

You might be opening a completely new office, expanding your existing operation by opening a new branch, or refurbishing your current office setup in 2016. Whatever your New Year resolution is, here are some pointers to make sure the office furniture you choose offers the best possible value for your money.

Investing in Made in Nigeria Furniture
Most Nigerians don’t believe in made in Nigeria products and that is one of the reasons why Eezy Office is in existence. We are here to change the average Nigerian belief system. We believe that made in Nigeria products should be of the highest international standard and that it is possible to do the right thing and succeed in Nigeria! So you don’t have to look far for beautiful, functional and value-priced office furniture in Nigeria.

Choose the furniture material that suits you
The most commonly used materials in office furniture construction are wood, metal and plastic As with the style and type, the materials from which the office furniture is constructed is another factor you need to take into account. Fortunately these days you have a range of durable and aesthetically appealing options to choose from.

Solid wood furniture tends to be more expensive because it requires more physical manpower to create. It is also heavier. There are a variety of attractive finishes on MDF such as Light Grey, Beech and Walnut. You get the look and feel of wood without the hefty price tag.

Metal often performs a supportive function in office furniture construction. It is typically used to make legs, frames and table bases. Metal appeals for its clean, sleek lines, durability and strength. Quality metal office is expected to last ten to fifteen years longer than its wood counterpart.


Plastic is one of the least costly construction materials available. It can be molded into almost any shape and is manufactured in every conceivable color. There are many vibrant and stylish designs made from plastic. It is probably best to confine plastic to smaller items like lunchroom chairs, waste bins and desk organizers; items that add small splashes of color to brighten up your work areas.

Whatever your reason for acquiring quality office furniture, you do not have to feel daunted by this very important task. The team of experts at Eezy Office are happy to assist by providing a wealth of advice on the best office furniture for your business. Contact us today by calling 08188813399, 08184473000.

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