Our Story

How we came to be

At the age of 11, Nwamaka Okoye realized her passion for interior design and furniture. Her fascination at the different components of an interior, combined to evoke certain feelings and behaviours in the inhabitants of any building grew, as she observed the details of various interiors. Her first job was working as a sales assistant in her father’s furniture company, Ricco Furniture company. By the time she was 13, she had planned her career to include: a degree in architecture, then to travel to the United States to study interior design, and then return to set up an interior design and furniture manufacturing company.  After studying interior design and furniture design at the Savannah College of Art & Design (ranked no 1. Interior Design School in The USA by Design Intelligence), she worked for about 10 years in the USA, before returning to Nigeria in 2008.

Housessories was founded in 2010, with the core beliefs that:

  1. Mundane things can and should be beautiful, useful and priced right.
  2. Design is problem solving, with an aesthetic consciousness
  3. Things made in Nigeria should be of international standard. We want to raise the bar.
  4. Constant innovation is the fuel of growth
  5. It is possible to do the right thing and succeed in Nigeria

Housessories is made up of passionate designers determined to “design” Nigeria. Our discussions in-house range from “Seeing the space” (referring to a mental visualization of proposed spaces), to the inappropriateness of the “how was your night?” greeting, and all the possible shocking answers to the question.

At Housessories, we are poised to create market leader brands in interior solutions.